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Laboratorio Experimental de Madera 


Minimal Housing 


Helsinki, Finland
Wood Program

︎ Design team: Alexander Garduño, Veronika Kudriashova,Chisato Segawa, Sichen Dong, Lucinda Eccles, Philip Antons, Esin Aydemir, Yiyang Li, Ata Bullent, Anastasia Luzina, Yu Sasaki, Xiangyu Shao, Constanza Manzochi, Djoke Heyligers and Alessandra Muller.
Instructors: Pekka Heikkinen, Laura Zubillaga, Philip Tidwell and Mauri Konttila

KORE is a 24m2 demountable and transportable wooden house. A team of fifteen students of Wood Program, Aalto University, designed and built a compact structure where the functional central core is surrounded by the living spaces. Sliding doors and a wooden ladder conceal and revel the core functions while the living space and sleeping are present a clear connection to the exterior through a large opening and an imposing skylight.

The LVL roof structure is designed to be detached from the CLT walls for transportation purposes. Four pre-installed lifting hooks in the roof structure and a carefully design roof-wall connection allow to disassemble and reassemble the house.

A selection of Finnish wood spices was employed in the building: spruce for the CLT walls and the ceiling plywood, birch on countertops and the plywood of the central core, and oak on the wet areas and flooring.

The entire house was built at the Aalto University workshops.


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